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3 Super Bubble-free Tips & Tricks

Installing vinyl graphics needn't look like a pot-holed road. Businesses pay a lot of money for vinyl graphics and the worst outcome is when that hard earned money is unnecessarily poured down the drain and the look of the campaign cheapened when bubbles and wrinkles adorn the print.

Follow any of these simple tips from our expert sign pro's to make every installation look professional.

Tip 1: Use a squeegee & soapy water with traditional vinyl

Tip 2: Use a pin/needle to pop the trapped air/water

Tip 3: Scrap Tips 1 and 2 and use bubble-free and repositionable vinyl (Easy Dot) instead. No need for a squeegee, soapy water or pin/needle

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is. And Bob's your uncle!